GarageHawk Remote Garage Door Closer

Never Forget To Close Your Garage Door Again!

If so, you can stop worrying and wondering. With GarageHawk
you can Remotely Monitor and Close your Garage Door!

GarageHawk is the original, professional quality garage security product that can help you keep your home, family, and possessions safe and to save money on your energy bill.

GarageHawk, the first name in garage protection, was created specifically to address the problem of inadvertently leaving your garage door open.

Protect your family!

 A burglary occurs in the US approximately every 12 seconds and many of these crimes have one thing in common -- garage burglary due to garage doors left open. Police say that open garage doors invite crime and can provide criminals access to the entire home. While automobiles and auto accessories like expensive stereos are often targeted, burglars aren't always after obvious merchandise -- documents in a car, including insurance cards, can also lead to identity theft. And, unfortunately, burglars do not typically limit their offenses to garage theft; they frequently participate in a wide range of property, violent and drug related crimes.

Protect your stuff!

In many areas garages are routinely invaded by wildlife. Stray dogs, cats, rats, mice, snakes, raccoons and even bears search out shelter, garbage cans containing food, or items such as pet food that are commonly stored in the garage. Most residents use their garage for storage of many high-value items in addition to their automobiles. Also, if the garage is attached to the house, an open garage door can add to the load on your heating and air conditioning systems and increase drafts in winter. Therefore, GarageHawk can help you save energy.

Be Safe -- don't risk your family's safety or loss of valuable possessions.
Never forget to close your garage door again!