How GarageHawk Works

GarageHawk is more than a garage door alarm or indicator or closer. The GarageHawk system provides a visual garage door status indication via a small, plug-in remote module. Status is wirelessly reported from a companion module that is connected to the existing automatic garage door opener and shares its electrical outlet. The patented microprocessor-controlled technology allows the ability to remotely close a garage door but will never open a door that is already closed. The system requires no batteries and does not interfere with regular garage door opener operation, garage door sensors or other garage door safety features.

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Additional modules can also be purchased to allow remote closure of any number of additional garage doors. When used with a compatible home automation controller, the system will allow the owner to monitor and close their garage door(s) from anywhere in the world via internet connection.

GarageHawk can also be used with other INSTEON® or X10 home automation or home security devices to turn on house lighting or initiate other automated processes whenever a garage door is opened. GarageHawk employs INSTEON power line communications to provide a reliable, wireless product that is easily installed with only a screwdriver. INSTEON is a patent pending technology from Innovative Home Systems' partner, SmartLabs Inc., headquartered in Irvine, CA.