GarageHawk Garage Module operation:

LED Status Indicator ON = garage door open

If the door is not open, check the position of the Door Position Magnet with reference to the Door Position Contacts. The Door Position Contacts should be mounted in a stationary position next to the garage door. The Door Position Magnet should be mounted on the garage door adjacent to the Door Position Contacts. The gap between the two units should be no more than ¾".  Remove the Door Position Magnet and hold it against the Door Position Contacts. The LED Status Indicator should extinguish when the units are held together and light when the units are separated.

LED Status Indicator OFF = garage door closed
Normal operation

LED Status Indicator FLASHING = Error condition
Check for broken or pinched wire from Garage Module to Door Position Contacts. 

GarageHawk Remote Module operation:

 GarageHawk Remote Module Operation

Close Door Button Green = Garage Door Closed

Close Door Button Red = Garage Door Open





Close Door Button Flashing Green = Processing Request

Close Door Button Flashing Red = Error Condition (Check garage door immediately)

Close Door Button Flashing Alternate Red/Green = Status Unknown