Why GarageHawk?

Posted by William Dierking on May 18, 2015 . 0 Comments

GarageHawk is the original garage door monitoring and closing system.  Patented in 2006, GarageHawk is often imitated but never duplicated.  Before you buy any garage door monitoring and closing system check out GarageHawk's features.

  • When properly installed, GarageHawk will not open a closed garage door.  Unlike others, GarageHawk cannot be hacked to allow unauthorized entry.
  • AC powered-No batteries to replace...ever
  • No monthly fees
  • Two-way communication assures accurate, reliable real time door status as opposed to "last known" status displayed by other monitors
  • Uses popular INSTEON home automation communication technology
  • Monitor and close multiple garage doors with the push of a single button
  • Expandable to monitor and close from multiple locations in the home
  • Expandable to allow monitoring and closing from anywhere in the world using your existing mobile device

Our customers often choose GarageHawk because their current garage door monitor is unreliable due to dead batteries or poor communication between their garage and home monitoring locations.  GarageHawk uses AC power and communicates over your existing power lines for reliable communications between locations separated by extended distances.

Another frequent concern is, "What if my system is hacked and someone is able to open my garage door?" This is an excellent question because unlike automated door locks, and open garage door can be seen from the street and is an open invitation to crime.  If properly installed, GarageHawk will not open a closed garage door.  Every GarageHawk unit contains a microprocessor which monitors the garage door position.  GarageHawk's hard coded firmware cannot be remotely accessed and always checks the current garage door position before acting on any received command.  If the door is already close it will simply ignore any command that would otherwise open it.  Never use your garage door to provide remote access to your home!  If you need to provide access to your home remotely, use remotely controlled door locks and always keep your garage door(s) closed.

Use only genuine GarageHawk garage door monitoring and closing systems to keep your home and family safe.

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